Flights and Packages

Travelling with Children


Please note that any child 2 years or older requires a seat; therefore, a ticket must be purchased in his or her name.

Car seats for children

Car seats (no wider than 15.5 inches or 40 cm) may be used on Air Transat flights. Children under 18 kg (40 lbs) will be safer and more comfortable when secured in a car seat.

Make sure your car seat is in compliance with regulations:

  • Canadian-made: The seat must be manufactured after Jan. 1, 1981 and must display the following inspection label: "CMVSS 213 or 213.1 Canada."
  • U.S.A.-made: The seat must be manufactured after Feb. 26, 1985 and must display these labels: "This child restrain system conforms to all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards" or "This Restraint is certified for use in motor vehicles and aircraft."

Car seats manufactured in any other country are not approved for use on Air Transat flights.

Air Transat accepts AmSafe C.A.R.E.S child restraint system designed specifically for children between the ages of 1 and 4, weighing between 10-20 kg (22-44 pounds) and whose height is 100 cm (40 inches) or less.

Booster seats, harness or vest-type restraint systems for children

Booster seats or restraint systems for children cannot be used for air travel as they are not approved for use on board an aircraft by Transport Canada.

Baggage allowance for children

Infants travelling on an adult's lap do not have a baggage allowance; however, some baby and child equipment (1 stroller, 1 car seat) is accepted free of charge. Any additional and/or substituted item (such as a playpen, booster seat, additional car seats, etc.) exceeding your free checked baggage allowance will be subject to excess baggage charges.